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About The Dog Pack Training & Adventures

With guidance and consistency, we believe every pet parent can achieve balance and harmony with their dogs.

Our team of tog-dog trainers will help transform your pup into a confident, well-behaved companion so you can enjoy life to the fullest — together. Join our pack of happy canines and get ready for loads of proud dog-parent moments!

Meet our trainers

Kayla C., Head Trainer


Right from a young age, Kayla has had a passion for animals. She loved working with her family dogs (often rescues) and teaching them cute tricks, much to her family’s amusement. 


As an adult, she adopted her labrador retriever Strawberry and they became joined at the hip. She eventually grew her pack to include a pug (Abby) and retriever mix (Blueberry), the latter of which exhibited varying behavioral issues. Those issues sparked Kayla’s interest in seeking out, learning and applying training techniques for Blueberry’s and her other pooches’ benefit. 


While her three pups are no longer with us, they helped Kayla realize her desire to support other pet parents and their dogs in achieving harmony in their day-to-day lives.


In 2020, Kayla embarked on a journey as a full-time dog trainer, continuing to grow her skills and hone her technique. She realized that, within her own pack, Strawberry helped “raise” the newer members of the family. She studied her canine clients’ behaviors to see how the well-balanced, experienced dogs positively influenced the younger members, teaching them confidence and good social behaviors with polite corrections. 


Diving into advanced research on dog pack behavior, Kayla started forming her own concepts of training methods and how to use the dog pack to help her canine clients become happy, healthy, well-rounded members of society. Now, with her trusty sidekicks Sonny and Pippa by her side, she continues to support dogs who need obedience training and correct socialization so their paw-rents can find that perfect balance with their beloved companions.

Erica B., Trainer


Always the main caretaker of the family dogs (plus the ones who “followed her home”), Erica knew she would have a career working with animals. 


She spent her early years volunteering with rescue horses and the local humane society, along with a working internship at an animal clinic for three years. Her original career plan involved veterinary school, but life took her down a different path that saw her opening a dog daycare and boarding facility (K9 Playland Resort) in 2009.


Leveraging her experience and pet care knowledge, Erica established a facility that offers a ‘home-away-from-home’ for local pups, while also allowing her to cultivate her training methods. All clients participate in facility training, where they learn daily routines, obedience and behavior to safely engage in — and enjoy — group play.


Studying the dogs’ behaviors and interactions in a group setting, Erica quickly became interested in pack behavior. She has since trained even the most stubborn and challenging dogs (including her own 16-pound doxen and 110-pound beauceron), all with unique personalities and reactions to training techniques. 


Though she has worked with a number of clients through the years, The Dog Pack marks Erica’s first foray into full training services. Her passion lies in seeing that moment in a dog’s eyes where everything “clicks” and they figure out what we’re asking and expecting of them. 


Her own pack often receives compliments on their behavior, whether they’re greeting customers or laying next to her desk at K9 Playland, or walking the aisles at Lowes. She strives to help all clients achieve that same feeling, where it’s a true joy for their pup to join them on their adventures.

What our clients are saying

“Fantastic dog trainer! I recently had the pleasure of working with Kayla at The Dog Pack: Training and Adventures, and I can't recommend them highly enough! My experience with Kayla has exceeded my expectations. The positive changes in my dog's behavior have made a significant impact on our daily lives. I highly recommend her to anyone in the Fort Mill and Charlotte area, you will not be disappointed!”
- John C.

Ready to emBARK on a new adventure? Join our pack today!

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